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Introducing a new domestic boiler from Baxi, the Baxi 600 Combi. Designed around feedback from installers the new Baxi 600 Combi is British built with tough brass fittings yet lightweight, compact and fits easily into cupboards; all the features our customers told us were important to them.
Some of the main features include:

  • 7 year no-quibble warranty
  • Fits into a 290mm deep cupboard
  • Pipes behind facility within boiler casing
  • Compatible with Baxi uSense





Heating and gas covers a wide range of services, from installing radiators and boilers to maintaining appliances, repairing gas leaks and issuing safety certificates.


of customers would recommend Baxi, read their reviews. We can install any model and output of boiler for every home.

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Baxi Boiler Range

Combi boilers are easy to install, simple to use and economical to run.
Baxi 100 Combi
Baxi 200 Combi
Baxi 400 Combi
Baxi 600 Combi
Baxi Duo-tec Combi
Baxi EcoBlue Advance Combi
Baxi EcoBlue + Combi
Baxi Platinum Combi
Baxi 100 Combi LPG
Baxi 400 Combi LPG
Baxi Duo Tec Combi LPG

Heat Only
Our heat only boilers are unique because they don’t need extra wires between the boiler and pump. This means less hassle for you during installation.
Baxi 400 Heat
Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat
Baxi EcoBlue Heat

For larger homes with more than one bathroom, a system boiler and cylinder, such as Megaflo, is the perfect choice.
Baxi EcoBlue System
Baxi Megaflo System

Help and advice for your Baxi Boiler

Boiler maintenance advice
Your boiler is a box that brings gas, electricity and water together to heat up water for your taps and your central heating system. It works hard every day heating up and cooling down, pumping and making sure your home is warm and comfortable. There are a few simple maintenance jobs you can do yourself to keep it in tip top condition and working safely and efficiently, as well as making sure you have it serviced annually.

Look after your boiler
Keep your boiler clean by wiping the case with a soft, damp cloth and then drying it. If your boiler is in a cupboard, be sure to allow the manufacturer's recommended clearances so it can be accessed and serviced safely. It's also crucial to keep air vents, grilles and flues free from blockages.

Do not remove the case.
Only a Gas Safe registered engineer is legally qualified to remove your boiler's casing. If you think there might be a problem with your boiler, call an expert. Doing it yourself with gas is extremely dangerous and can cause leaks, fires, explosions and Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Fit a room thermostat and set the timer
If you don't already have a room thermostat, consider having one fitted. You can expect savings of £70 and 280 kg carbon dioxide a year, according to Energy Saving Trust. Find out more from the EST website. It is best to plan out and set the timer when you need your boiler throughout the day. This will ensure that your boiler isn't working hard when you don't need it to be. With a modern boiler, leaving the house unheated when empty and programming the boiler to start heating your home half an hour before you need it should be enough to warm your home when it matters.

Turn down the heating
Try turning your room thermostat down by one degree then leave it for a day. If you still feel warm enough, try turning it down another degree. Carry on until it feels a bit too cool and then turn it back up one degree. Every degree that you turn it down could save you around £90 a year on your heating bill.

Hot water cylinder
Your cylinder thermostat should be set at 60°C/140°F. This is hot enough to kill off harmful bacteria in the water, but use caution as it's also hot enough to scald. For extra safety, consider installing a thermostatic mixing valve which will automatically ensure that hot water at your tap is at a safe temperature. If your tank is not insulated, you can easily lag it yourself. You can insulate the hot water pipes around it at the same time. The tank jacket and pipe insulation should cost no more than around £15, and could save you a further £35 a year.

Winter advice
If your boiler has been installed with the plastic condensate pipe on an outside wall, the liquid inside the condensate pipe could freeze if the temperature drops below zero. If this happens, the boiler will shut down to protect itself and you will see the error code E133 on its display panel. The display will alternate between E1 and 33. Please watch our videos to find out how to unfreeze your condensate pipe.




  • Gas line installations
  • Gas leaks
  • Cooker/Hob installs &repairs
  • Gas fire
  • Gas fire installs/repairs
  • Radiator maintenance
  • Radiator installations/alterations
  • Central heating pumps
  • Thermostatic valves
  • Immersion heaters
  • Thermostats and central heating controls
  • 24hr repair service
  • Power flushing

gas safety checks

Our gas safety check process includes:

  • Flue flow and gas pressure checks
  • CO2 and CO level assessment
  • Expansion vessel and pressure release valve inspection
  • Gas burner pressure checks
  • Thorough visual inspection for heating system leaks
  • Seal and casing breakage checks
  • Optimum water pressure maintenance in plumbing systems
  • Flame picture checks performed
  • Checks for the safe operation of safety devices



All of our gas engineers are Gas Safe registered. Gas Safe is the successor to the former Corgi qualification required for any engineer to work on gas appliances and installations. With Gas Safe Registered engineers by your side, you can be confident that your appliances are in capable hands.


We are approved installers of Worcester-Bosch. Our engineers are experienced in the proper installation, repair and maintenance of all major brands. This means that we are up to date with the latest models and specifications, and our work meets exemplary professional standards of quality and safety.

All of our gas engineers are Gas Safe registered.

Solid guarantees that ensure problem-free solutions


At m.a.f. Plumbing & Heating, we take care of our customers with solid guarantees that ensure problem-free solutions. We are your local plumbing and heating specialists dedicated to your safety and comfort. Our Gas Safe Registered engineers are here to help you achieve complete indoor comfort without any hassle.


When we carry out any repair, installation or servicing on your plumbing or heating, we guarantee our work for 6 months. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results of our work, or if there is a problem after the service, we will return to your property and fix the issue without charge. This applies to all jobs that we do, unless it is discussed with you upfront.


When we install a new boiler and/or heating system, we cover that with 12 months of complimentary after-care, in addition to the Manufacturer's Warranty on the equipment itself. During the next 12 months after we complete the work, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if any problems arise as a result of our work, you can give us a call and we will set the issue straight without charge.